About XITO

Why did we create xito?

The XITO Story

We started XITO because we envision a world, in which everyone can participate and share robotics technology.

We address this mission by bringing people together and by equipping them with powerful and dead simple tools so that they become able to build advanced robotics applications. We make it simple, stupid.
In other words, we enable everyone to build a robot -- and it even gets better when people do it together. We do it through the XITO application building platform. We apply cutting edge research on model-driven and low-code visual programming that is based on open standards. We do not lock-in, but create bridges to technologies that people want to use.
Behind the scenes

Toolify Robotics

XITO is powered by Toolify Robotics GmbH. Toolify is expert in model-based software engineering and robot application development.

Meet the Makers

The XITO Management Team

Chief Executive Officer, CEO
Dr. Dennis Stampfer
Chief Customer Officer, CCO
Matthias Lutz
Chief Technology Officer, CTO
Dr. Alex Lotz

Partnership with SeRoNet

XITO has partnered with the SeRoNet project which is publicly funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (PAiCE program, total volume of 8M€). It develops the platform demonstrator / research demonstrator robot.one in strong co-operation of XITO and Toolify Robotics. XITO adopts technology and concepts from the SeRoNet project. SeRoNet ends in November 2021.

See the official statement.

Ecosystem Structures

Model-Driven Software Engineering

XITO is strongly connected to EU H2020 RobMoSys, a publicly funded project by the EU, that develops a standard for robotics software engineering via model-driven techniques. XITO is built on the RobMoSys standard and the most advanced implementation of the RobMoSys approach.

research Partnership

Service Robotics Research Partner

XITO has partnered with the Service Robotics Research Center at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences as research and development partner.