xito for component suppliers

Easy as 1-2-3.

As a component supplier, what if others could use your component without spending days of effort in integration? Without programming? Just dead easy?

XITO for component suppliers

How does it work?

XITO provides you with visual tools to make your component or technology (software or hardware) ready for the XITO market place with ease. Users can simply use your technology and plug it in their application. You don‘t want to do it yourself? XITO will find a service provider to do it for you.
XITO is built with openness in mind. It uses open standards and does not create lock-in. It is open for everyone to participate. Because robotics is better together.
What You Get

What offers XITO for suppliers?

XITO is made for everyone because we believe in a world, in which everyone can participate and share robotics technology.
Increase sales
Use the XITO marketplace to increase sales of your existing modules. Or extract modules of your existing applications generate new products.
Increase Attractiveness
Simplify the use of your component or technology through low-code plug & play capabilities. Customers will love integration with no hassle.
Get Technology Agnostic
Get rid of technology lock-in and enhance compatibility through adding new interface technologies with just a click.
Explore new markets
New to robotics? The XITO technology is the perfect way jump into the robotics market.
Get new Offers
As service provider, you can get new development assignments by the XITO partners.
Get started

Getting Started as Supplier

It is easy to get your components to the XITO marketplace.

Hardware Supplier

Get your software interface compatible to XITO to benefit from XITO.

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Software Supplier

Great! Bundle your software right away to explore the XITO benefits!

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Service Provider

Explore the job board to get new orders for custom solutions or development assignments.

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Not yet in the XITO Marketplace?

Register your product now and discover the benefits.

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Increase attractiveness

Save your
customer‘s efforts

Enable your customers to integrate your component in their application without hassle. As easy as screwing on, but with software! They can easily integrate your software or hardware product in their application using the power of low-code. No code. No hassle.

Discover Integrator's Perspective
Why complicated?

is Dead Easy.

Getting your component compatible to XITO is dead easy: You simply draw a model of your software interface with the XITO visual tools, describe your mapping logic and the XITO tools take care of everything else. Contact XITO to discuss about the steps for your individual case.

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Your Customers still struggle with integration efforts?

What if your customers could use your component without spending work in integration? Without programming against your interface?

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Want to know more?

XITO Whitepaper

Curious how XITO works? Read the whitepaper, that introduces XITO, the application engineering platform for robotics.

Be ready for tomorrow


What if you could make your component or technology ready for a new interfacing technology in just one click? Add REST-API? Click! Add ROS Support? Click! Add ROS2 support? Click! Add OPC UA Support? Click! Whatever will be standard tomorrow… Click!

With XITO, you can use any of these assets seamlessly or make your own assets compatible by just one click.

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Focus on your skills

Full delivery and lifecycle management

Focus on your job and skills. XITO will handle the software delivery to the customer. Once there, XITO handles updates whenever you decide to release them.

XITO Job Board

Find Contractors.
Find Customers.

XITO connects customers and contractors in the field of robotics. Contractors find new customers and development assignments. Customers find matching experts to support their robotics project. No need for either one to crawl through a confusing market: find your partner right here at the center of robotics collaboration.

Looking for new orders?
If you are an technology or service provider, register yourself an expert profile to receive new job postings through the xito database.
Looking for Experts?
As robotics end user, manufacturer or system integrator, you can publish your request to find the best expert for your job!