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XITO demystifies the magic of robotics software engineering. We level up robotics experts and users by the power of groundbreaking software engineering tools to exploit advanced collaboration. XITO connects robotics experts and organizations and enables them to build better robot applications than they could be able to do on their own.

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Because software engineering for robotics is „better together“, XITO is built in an open way, technology agnostic and vendor neutral. XITO enables everyone to participate and benefit from robotics and to collaborate in the engineering of applications through the composition of building blocks.

What You Get


XITO is made for everyone because we believe in a world, in which everyone can participate and share robotics technology.
Shorten time to market
Develop your applications at lights speed through low-code engineering and assets from the XITO marketplace.
Make or buy
Focus your development efforts and grab readily available components from the XITO marketplace.
Truly Neutral
XITO is technology agnostic and vendor neutral. No lock-in.
Boost team efficiency
Boost efficiency and collaboration of your developer team to reduce costs and gain speed.
Increase sales
Use the XITO marketplace to increase sales of your existing modules or extract modules of your existing applications and establish new products!
Custom robot
Get your one-of-a-kind robot application. Easy and fast.
Find a partner
Need something special? Find an expert to support your development team!
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XITO has many features that are best explored individually.
Tell us who you are to get your perspective on XITO.
Simple & Powerful

Level Up Robotics
Software Engineering

XITO advances your software engineering practice with the power of low-code and collaboration. Fully compatible with your legacy systems and assets from the market place.

XITO for Application Builders
EASY Integration

Boost your
component business

Utilize the power of low-code engineering to remove your customer‘s burden of manual integration of your component. Increase your outreach by the XITO Marketplace and XITO Solution Designer. You don't sell components yet? XITO enables you to extract sellable software from your existing system.

XITO for Suppliers
EASY as 1-2-3

Complex technology
made simple, stupid.

Want to apply robotics technology but don‘t know how? Use the XITO Solution Designer to configure your application right away using assets from the marketplace. An expert will step in, if a custom solution is required.

XITO for End Users

Find partners.
And customers.

XITO connects customers and contractors for their next project. No need for either one to crawl through a confusing market: find your partner right here at the center of robotics collaboration.

Want to know more?

XITO Whitepaper

Curious how XITO works? Read the whitepaper, that introduces XITO, the application engineering platform for robotics.

what users say

"just able to use
it with ease"

"Thanks to the low-code/no-code IDE, there is no need to understand each module's details -- we were just able to use them with ease!"

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David Mansolino,
Robotics Engineer, Cyberbotics Ltd.

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