XITO for Application and Robot Builders

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What if you could just plug together your robot‘s software without hassle in no time? Decide on which software functions you buy instead of making them yourself? What if your team could collaborate seamlessly?

XITO for component Robot builders

How does it work?

XITO equips you with visual tools to put you on the next level of software engineering for robotics. You can simply compose your robotics application from building blocks. You can get them from the market place to start right away. Your team can use XITO to collaboratively develop its own set of building blocks.
XITO is built with openness in mind. It uses open standards and does not create lock-in. It is open for everyone to participate. Because robotics is better together.
What You Get

Get Started as Robot Builder

XITO is made for everyone because we believe in a world, in which everyone can participate and share robotics technology.
Increase Team Efficiency
Robots are better developed together. Use the XITO tools to boost team collaboration!
Go Modular!
Create your own tuly composable modular system. Respond to customer‘s needs in no-time.
Don't reinvent the wheel. Buy what you need in the marketplace.
Get rid of Code.
Go No-Code!
Advance to the next level of software engineering by model-driven technologies.
Tired of technology lock-in? Mix building blocks from different technologies as you wish.
Find an
Did not find what you need in the marketplace? XITO will find an expert.
Advanced Cost Calculation
Easily calculate the cost of your next application.
Want to know more?

XITO Whitepaper

Curious how XITO works? Read the whitepaper, that introduces XITO, the application engineering platform for robotics.


Still believe that robotics software engineering is rocket-science?

Just imagine the possibilities of plugging together any robot application without becoming a robotics scientist.

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The next level:


Don‘t worry about code. Think about your application logic. Quickly compose your application with the XITO visual tools. Without hassle.

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Complex Technologies at your fingertip

Make or buy?

XITO gives you the ability to actually decide yourself. Be smart and think about which pieces of your robot you engineer yourself and which you buy and integrate without hassle. No need to integrate on your own.

XITO Marketplace
Be ready for tomorrow


XITO‘s modular approach and tools will put your team on a new level of efficiency because everyone can focus on his own role. That works within your own team or with your external partners you‘re collaborating with. You decide.

Can you spare a minute?

We will show you how to create a robot application from scratch in five minutes.
No Kidding.

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Be ready for tomorrow

Go modular

Want to quickly respond to customers needs and drop the time-to-market of your next product? Use XITO to build your own modular system and experience the flexibility you will gain for your next application!

Prefer coding?

Made for everyone

Your developers still prefer coding? XITO provides textual programming interfaces, too. Let them decide which user interface they want to work with. Without loosing the power of the XITO technology.

what users say

That‘s the future,
the way to go!

"XITO makes it really easy for us to build applications, because one no longer needs to be a computer science expert to build robotics applications. Instead, one just plugs together the application."

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Marta Millet Pascual-Leone,
Software Engineer
at Robotnik Automation SLL

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XITO connects customers and contractors in the field of robotics. Contractors find new customers and development assignments. Customers find matching experts to support their robotics project. No need for either one to crawl through a confusing market: find your partner right here at the center of robotics collaboration.

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