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That‘s the future, the way to go!

"At Robotnik, we build professional software and robot applications and we need adequate engineering tools to support us. We are very happy about the visual toolbox that XITO provides and the advanced modularity it introduces. XITO makes it really easy for us to build applications, because one no longer needs to be a computer science expert to build robotics applications. Instead, one just plugs together the application. The integration abilities of XITO allow us to actually decide the „make or buy?“ question for robotics software, whereas, in the past, we were in the end always forced to do the work on our. XITO has the potential to boost our engineering efficiency and flexibility in the long run. XITO is a huge step forward in robot programming! It is great to do it simply, without code."

Marta Millet Pascual-Leone,
Software Engineer
at Robotnik Automation SLL

skarv technologies

Easier to use than traditional approaches

"The visualmodeling is an innovative and intuitive way to create roboticssystems. Once you are familiar with it, you can implement a workingprototype quite fast and it is easier to use, compared to traditional (programming) approaches. We are surprised with how well everything is working, given the systems engineering complexity behind it."

Petter Norgren,
CTO and co-founder of Skarv Technologies AS, Norway

"Thanks to the low-code/no-code IDE, there is no need to understand each module's details -- we were just able to use them with ease!"
David Mansolino
Robotics Engineer at Cyberbotics Ltd.
"The XITO tools have many great aspects which improve our way of working. Its modular and visual concept and code generation features make our development easier and more productive."
Oliveira Filho
Engineer at Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)
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Mojin robotics

We want to cut down customer's integration efforts

"We are part of this initiative because we want to cut down our customer's efforts in integration of products in their application. We want to enable them to plug together software and hardware easily, even though they are from different vendors and were not developed for being connected in the first place."

Mojin Robotics GmbH,

metraTec GmbH

An easy entry to the robotics market

"Integration of existing modules is a pain for our customers. We want to support them by cutting down the integration effort of our localization module. This is where the project has its real advantages. Lowering the integration effort is a plus for our customers and our products becomes more attractive.

In addition to that, the field of mobile robots is a rather new market for our company. The project‘s marketplace is an easy entry point for us to gain visibility."


Autovia GmbH

An innovative Plug & Play approach

"Die Fähigkeit, unterschiedliche Komponenten per Plug&Play zu ein Robotersystem zu vereinen finden wir sehr innovativ. Dadurch können wir ohne großen Aufwand einen Prototypen entwickeln und testen."

Autovia GmbH,