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You want to apply robotics technology in your company but have no idea where to start? Start configuring your robot right away! It is dead easy.

xito for end users

How does it work?

The XITO engineering tools and the market place is the perfect basis to build your robot in no time. After specifying your task, XITO will tell you wether you can start with your application right away yourself: it provides a quote with all you need. In case you have more specific requirements or a challenging task, XITO will connect you to an application builder. They will fill the white spots with the XITO partner network and realize your application in no time using assets from the market place.

Start Now!

Describe the task that you want to automate. XITO guides you through very few important questions to capture your requirements.


The XITO Score identifies which pieces of your application are already available to start right away yourself.


In case things are more specific, XITO will connect you to an application builder to discuss details, refine your workflow, provide a quote and realize your application.

Want to know more?

XITO Whitepaper

Curious how XITO works? Read the whitepaper, that introduces XITO, the application engineering platform for robotics.

What You Get


XITO is made for everyone because we believe in a world, in which everyone can participate and share robotics technology.
Robotics entry point
The robotics market is complex and confusing. XITO provides guidance.
It is fast.
It is easy.
Realize your robot application in no time using standard solutions from the market place.
Get in touch with experts to realize your custom solution in case it is a bit more complicated.
Standard solutions in the marketplace keep prices low, even for custom solutions.
start now

Design your

Use the guided wizard to describe the task you want to automate. Easy and intuitive. The XITO Score will match your requirements with the market place.

Start now!
Customization required?

Find a partner
to customize

In case you have special requirements, XITO will find an expert to get your application realized. Prices will stay affordable, since the expert can focus on the missing parts, only.

Why complicated?

Stay on top.

Thanks to the XITO approach, configuring your robot is very easy. You can do it yourself to save money and stay flexible.

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